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What We Do
Managed Services

Proven delivery for improving operations and cutting expenses.

App Development

Build a back office application. We just need to find out how we can systematize your business.

Microsoft Reseller

Purchase verified legitimate Microsoft software including the popular productivity suite Office 365.

PC and Server Repair

Contact us for details of getting your PC or laptop repair coordinated quickly.

Phone Systems

Featuring Hosted VOIP phone systems by BluIP. Sleek, portable, & scalable.

Hi-Profile Websites

Build an outstanding website from simple to complex to fit your business.

New Construction

The whole package from wiring to cloud storage and end user training.

Customized Training

We will create a learning process tailored to just what skills you need to sharpen.


Never doubt...
Tech Support
AJ is the go-to guy when problems need to be solved and questions answered. AJ’s top talents are Network/Hardware diagnostics Microsoft Office, Windows, Server, planning and project management. AJ’s a creative writer who also enjoys gaming.
Keeping Harmony clients squared up on all things accounting for over a decade, Alecia is a graduate of Southern Poly before the merge with KSU. A super-mom of two amazing boys, she’s also an adjunct instructor at UGA in her spare time.
Custom PPT
Pronounced “Jamie” he is a connoisseur of fine food and custom graphic design. Jame’s specialty is high impact, custom designed PPT presentations incorporating his very unique artistic style. A lifelong mineral collector, Jame knows a thing or two about hydrothermal paragenesis.
Technical Director
A Mechanical Engineer from New Haven, CT bringing loads of wisdom and IT experience to the table. Co-owner at Harmony, Kris focuses on Sharepoint, App Dev, Tech Direction, all things technical, loves dogs, does not like donuts.
Business Development
Web Dev, networking, reads everything non-fiction, loves tv show BULL. With a Business and Marketing background, she enjoys problem solving, process flow, and loves a challenge which comes in handy managing four fur-kids.

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