Avoid Software Scams

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We buy all our software for our clients from a Microsoft Tier 2 distributor. Just on a lark I decided to take a look at some other websites that sell Microsoft software and the shock of the price difference hit me. There is no regulation to these off shore websites and they can and do sell the same key over and over again. When you attempt to use the key you get an error that says this key has been used before and activation is denied. I used a website called scamadvisor.com to determine the resellers that were legit. Then I compared the prices from the legit websites and I found I was getting the best deal after all. I am a good referral for a business owner who wants to be legal in software licensing but still get the best prices. I have reaffirmed to myself and now I am telling you that I get the best legitimate prices on Microsoft software. I am Kris VanHemert at Harmony Group Atlanta.

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