New Construction

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In 2007 things were different for Harmony Computing. The company was nearly full time in new office construction along with some office remodels. We did it all, from wiring in the wall to installation of software to run the business on the servers and desktops. We had to build relationships with our vendors for bulk purchases and establish credit lines. In 2008 that type of work ceased but we never lost those relationships that we had formed. Last week a medical client who was originally new construction project called us to supply them a complete upgrade their systems for the third time. We are a good referral for a commercial real estate agent who wants to get their new tenant out of their old office and into their new location without any IT headaches. We work well with General Contractors and can keep our part of the project on time and within budget. Let’s keep IT moving. I am Kris VanHemert Harmony Group Atlanta.

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