Building a new network

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Building a new IT network for a new office or an office remodel is a one company job. Every vendor who has a say in the creation of the network should also be willing to take the phone call on Monday morning. An attempt to improve reliability and lower cost by having multiple vendors build or rebuild the new network is like testing the theory of how many Engineers it takes to screw in a light bulb. When the vendors don’t work well together the business owner always shoulders the burden. I have personally managed over a dozen buildouts or remodels. I cover the financing of materials going into the project all the way to maintaining the network functionality going forward into the distant future. I am a good referral for a business owner who wants to insure success in their business upgrade or renovation project. I am also a good referral for a commercial real estate agent who wants their new “move in” client to have a clean and smooth IT start up. I am Kris VanHemert Harmony Group Atlanta.

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