Carbonite Image Backup

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Having a backup in place at one time was all you needed. If anything went wrong you could restore from the backup and you’re good to go. Then about 5 years ago, ransomware virus’ began to appear. Now that’s a bigger problem because ransom ware virus use common un-crackable encryption techniques. Your antivirus software doesn’t see this as a virus but in the end you still cannot access any of you data. Suzanne who owns and operates an Olive Oil store came to work one day and found all her files were un usable. They were there but they were encrypted and a ransom note appeared on the screen demanding money. Thankfully for Suzanne she had a Carbonite image backup that she could restore from that backup which was not encrypted. Dropbox backups and Google drive backups won’t do it. They become encrypted just like the files they copy. What’s needed is Carbonite or something equivalent. Harmony Group is a Carbonite reseller so we can take responsibility for this type of backup and recovery. That’s Kris VanHemert from harmony Group Atlanta.

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