Always Make An Image Copy

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Often in a business setting I am asked “what makes your PC repair business unique or different? That’s an easy on for us. We image copy every PC and laptop that comes into our possession the moment it gets to our shop. We get a complete and total copy that we can use to restore a device to the condition it was in when we got it. I can just here some of you saying “that’s an overhead charge I may not want to pay for”. Take the example of my new client Bruce. I got his laptop in basic busted up condition. I immediately made an image copy of it. Later although the device seemed to boot up there was constant errors. I could also tell that the condition was getting rapidly worse. But yes I had the image copy which I restored to a new hard drive. After I put the new hard drive in place of the damaged one, everything worked and the system was restored. I am a good referral for the business owner who wants to keep all the data collected on a device but renew that device like it was when it was new. I am Kris VanHemert with Harmony Group Atlanta

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