Archiving Image Copies

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Before Thanksgiving I mentioned how we image copy everything we take in and that we have Terabytes of image backups from previous clients and current clients. Coincidentally our good client Steve had a problem laptop where we had replaced the hard drive but the issue still was not corrected. When we received the laptop the data was more corrupted than we could correct for. Normally this would mean hours of reloading and reconfiguring software that he uses in his business. And because our business arrangement with this client is such that we are responsible for returning the laptop to working condition and we would have had to absorb that cost. But wait we had an image saved from last year. All that we had to do was update the data which is stored for the most part on their server. Problem solved without lengthy downtime. It pays to save image copies. I am Kris VanHemert Harmony Group Atlanta.

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