Value of Training

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Anyone who has worked or visited the production floor of a manufacturing facility in the United States would have immediately become aware of that facilities safety program and safety practices. This all came about because back in the 60’s and 70’s insurance companies applied pressure to US manufacturing to protect and train safety practices into the workforce thereby reduce the amount of payable claims. If an employee at your business downloads some ransomware which encrypts the companies critical data rendering it unusable do you have a rider on your business insurance policy that covers Cyber attacks? If such a claim was payed out I am going to take a guess that after a period of time internet safety practices and training would become mandatory your workplace. So why not take the initiative before the destruction? Our client Marea has had so many incidents of computers being rendered useless that she asked us to develop and run a 30 minute training class on what not to do. After that we installed ActiveTrak to find out what each employee was actually doing. I think these steps go a long way towards insuring that the business doesn’t suffer data devastation. I am Kris VanHemert Harmony Group Atlanta.

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